Produced by Jo Ziccardo

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RZR - Thunder In a Bottle CD
  • RZR - Thunder In a Bottle CD


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The Debut CD from RZR, Thunder In a Bottle.
Released January 2009.
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Track Listing:

1. Ain't Seen Nothin - (Roper/Ziccardo)
2. Lay It Down - (Roper/Ziccardo)
3. Party Tonight - (Roper/Ziccardo)
4. Love's Truly Found - (Ziccardo/Roper)
5. Baby Don't Ya Cry - (Roper/Ziccardo)
6. Good Girls Bad Girls - (Roper/Ziccardo)
7. F.M.E.P. - (Roper/Ziccardo)
8. Your Time Has Come - (Roper/Ziccardo)
9. Back In My Arms - (Roper/Ziccardo)
10. It's Raining Again - (R. Davies/R.Hodgson)
11. Lost In Time - (Ziccardo/M.Dalla Vee/Roper)
12. Back On The Streets - (Roper/Ziccardo)
13. Bad Situation - (Roper/Ziccardo)
14. See Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya - (Ziccardo/Roper)

Produced by Ray Roper and Jo Ziccardo

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