Lightning Strikes 2wice
  • Lightning Strikes 2wice
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1: Kaos (Ziccardo/Roper/Dalla-Vee)
2:     Her Magic (Ziccardo/Roper)
3:     Middle of the Night (Roper/Ziccardo)
4:     Scene of the Crime (Ziccardo/Roper)
5:     Dance with the Devil (Ziccardo/Roper)
6:     Route 666 (Ziccardo/Roper)
7:     Wailkin in the Moonlight (Ziccardo/Roper)
8:     1000 Watt Smile (Zicccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
9:     Pretender (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
10:   Only the Strong Survive (Ziccardo/Roper)
11:   Cold Ca$h (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
12:   Black Roses (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
13:   Today I Miss (Ziccardo/Roper)
14:   Shoot from the Lips (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)

Produced by Ziccardo/Roper

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